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DP Landscaping Smyrna

Welcome to DP Landscaping Smyrna, where we combine innovative design with the natural beauty surrounding us to create breathtaking outdoor landscapes.

DP Landscaping Smyrna

Smyrna TN 37086

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We offer residential and commercial landscaping, lawn care and maintenance, landscape design, sprinkler systems and irrigation, sod installation, and pavers/hardscaping.

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Monday8 am - 5 pm
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About Smyrna

Smyrna ( SMUR-nə; Ancient Greek: Σμύρνη, romanized: Smýrnē, or Σμύρνα, Smýrna) was a Greek city located at a strategic point on the Aegean coast of Anatolia. Due to its advantageous port conditions, its ease of defence, and its good inland connections, Smyrna rose to prominence. Since about 1930, the city's name has been İzmir.Two sites of the ancient city are today within İzmir's boundaries. The first, probably founded by indigenous peoples, rose to prominence during the Archaic Period as one of the principal ancient Greek settlements in western Anatolia. The second, whose foundation is associated with Alexander the Great, reached metropolitan proportions during the period of the Roman Empire. Most of the ancient city's present-day remains date to the Roman era, the majority from after a 2nd-century AD earthquake. In practical terms, a distinction is often made between these. Old Smyrna was the initial settlement founded around the 11th century BC, first as an Aeolian settlement, and later taken over and developed during the Archaic Period by the Ionians. Smyrna proper was the new city to which residents moved as of the 4th century BC and whose foundation was inspired by Alexander the Great. == Localization == Old Smyrna was on a small peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus at the northeastern corner of the inner Gulf of İzmir, at the edge of a fertile plain and at the foot of Mount Yamanlar.

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