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Holiday Shopping in The Santa Maria Town Center

The Santa Maria Chamber of Commerce wants to remind consumers that visiting the Santa Maria Town Center is one of the greatest ways to discover unique presents of any type or size while also supporting many local companies.

Since 1976, the centrally placed building has served as a commercial core for Santa Maria, and while times have changed and businesses have come and gone, it is currently a full-service family entertainment and retail complex.

The Town Center’s general manager, Sylvia Palacios, stated the complex presently has 56 retailers, with more planned for 2022, with more than half of them being locally owned and run.

The Town Center, which includes large-scale businesses such as Macy’s, a multiscreen Regal Theater, and distinctive offers for the whole family, is one of Santa Maria’s top employers and providers of sales tax money, according to Palacios.

While superb shopping and retail sales remain a mainstay, the Town Center has expanded to include attractions such as Bases Loaded batting cages, Rockin’ Jump trampoline park, and training facilities such as KT’s Gymnastics and Crunch Fitness.

“Having multiple activities here benefits Santa Maria Town Center a lot,” said Yarely Corona, the Town Center’s marketing manager. “Families and individuals come in for these attractions, and then they go tour some of the local stores and have a snack or something to eat afterward.”

According to Craig Smith, proprietor of Rockin’ Jump, the diverse array of fascinating enterprises provides a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Rather than the traditional shop ’til you drop,’ facilities like his allow you to shop and drop.’ ’ “Go get your Christmas shopping done, let the kids burn off some energy, and have a good time,” Smith said.

While there are still coronavirus limitations in place in Santa Barbara County, the Santa Maria Town Center is attempting to guarantee that some Christmas traditions may continue in a safe manner. Santa photos will be available again, a Christmas village will be set up in the mall, and youngsters may even be able to eat cookies with the big guy before seeing all of the mall’s distinctive businesses.

“There are a lot of businesses that offer extremely unique goods that you just can’t get elsewhere,” Jesse Smith, owner of Get Socked Up, said. His new store on the Town Center’s second level has over 2,000 distinct designs of socks for men, women, children, and even matching sets for the whole family.

While internet shopping has become more convenient, and many people have become accustomed to the convenience of clicking and waiting for delivery, shopping in person provides a tactile experience that may be soothing. “It’s not the same as being online and looking at things via a screen.” “You can really come in, look at the things, feel inspired, and shop,” Corona explained.

Corona also mentioned that, given the difficulties of international shipping, it’s nice to walk out with a product that you know the people on your present list will adore and that you won’t be able to intercept in the mail. She continued, “You may see it, grab it, take it home, wrap it up, and place it under your Christmas tree.”

The convenience of shopping at Santa Maria Town Center, as well as the ability to provide multiple activities for the kids while allowing you to shop in peace and secrecy at both national retailers and small businesses, are all excellent reasons to do so, but supporting local businesses that are just beginning to recover from pandemic shutdowns maybe even more important.

“They need our help now more than ever, and they need a chance to flourish beyond the epidemic,” Palacios added.

Smith, the proprietor of Rockin’ Jump, pointed out that without locally owned companies, the neighborhood would look and feel quite different. “We are here, we live in the community, we support the community, we employ the community, and without us, I believe our community would be a lonely, sad place,” Smith added with a smile.

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